Think Travel. Think FLY.

FLY. is known as the value-for-money yet the swankiest looking
bag in the block. The brand came into existence in the year 2015
and quickly became one of the coolest brands in the luggage
industry of India.
With hard luggage products in its kitty, FLY. caters to the various
demands of the value-conscious customers. The cost-effective-
quality of FLY. has changed the outlook of consumers who used
to opt for cheaper options by compromising quality. FLY. has
become the brand option which promises dependable eminence
at an affordable price. FLY. is made for the consumers.
FLY has grown and adapted itself to match the rising demand of
hard and soft luggage in the trade.
With over several thousand units selling each month since the
birth, FLY. has developed rapidly and is still growing at a steady
Today, FLY. has become the go-to brand for all kinds of travel
needs. With a wide variety of products like Soft Uprights,Hard
Uprtights, Duffle Bags, Duffle Trolleys, Vanity Cases, Hard
Suitcases, Briefcases and backpacks FLY. has a vast presence
all over India.